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Metrix® COVID-19 Test 25pk - Special Promotion

Providing the critical yes or no, stay or go, when you need it most. The Metrix® COVID-19 Test delivers simple, efficient, lab-quality testing to your door, with results in 30 minutes or less. Designed for use with the Metrix® Reader (sold separately).

This special 25-pack package significantly reduces environmental waste, and enables easy access to test components without having to open individual test boxes.

Current test expiration date: June 2024

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Product Details

Metrix® COVID-19 test is a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). It detects all the prevalent COVID-19 variants with high sensitivity. Metrix delivers lab-quality results in under 30 minutes, so that you can catch infection before symptoms start, seek timely treatment, and stop the spread.

Metrix® COVID-19 test is safe for use with individuals aged 14 or older, and for children aged 2 or older when assisted by an adult, including for individuals without symptoms.

All Metrix® tests need to be used in conjunction with the Metrix® Reader

The Metrix® COVID-19 test 25pk package includes sufficient nasal swabs, collectors, caps, and sensors to perform 25 tests, as well as one Quick Reference Instructions (QRI).

Sample, Snap, Slide. All Set.

You can also watch the demo video below:
Swab sample: Metrix® COVID-19 Test - Swab
Saliva sample: Metrix® COVID-19 Test - Saliva
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Although antigen tests are cheaper than molecular tests, they suffer from a much higher risk of yielding false results1. In consequence, FDA requires all antigen tests to be performed repeatedly over several days to improve their performance2.
However, this not only multiplies the cost, but more importantly, delays the correct diagnosis, and risks missing the optimal window for treatment.

Aptitude Metrix® tests are comparable in cost to repeat antigen testing, and put your mind at ease by delivering PCR-quality results from the get-go.

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Aptitude Metrix® is the only OTC molecular testing platform that delivers best in class performance while combining ease-of-use, versatility, and affordability.

The Metrix® COVID-19 test has not been FDA-cleared or approved; it has been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

View Product Authorization for Metrix® COVID-19 Test.